SeeYou@Art brings artists, the public and the neighborhood together.
We offer artists an inspiring platform to showcase their art to a wide audience and to gain new experiences and contacts so that they can develop artistically and personally. The interaction with the audience is created by lively presentations by the artist about their work. There is also a workshop where the audience can participate.

Seeyou@art also offers experience and internships for people with qualities in communication and marketing, organizing exhibitions, fundraising, supervising exhibitors, catering and other supporting tasks.


Cathelijne Mulders: Founder and chairman Seeyou@art
I am an applied psychologist and organizer of art and social events in Amsterdam. Because of my great passion for art and culture and the development of people, I founded Seeyou@art. I am involved in marketing and entering into collaborations with artists and external organizations for the foundation. With my enthusiasm, social awareness and drive, I know how to inspire and stimulate people to use their qualities and develop their talents. From an organizational point of view, I quickly see opportunities for new collaborations between people and organizations. I know how to maintain these unexpected connections in order to achieve sustainable results.

Johan Valster: Treasurer / Director of the Hallen Amsterdam
De Hallen in Amsterdam is a foundation that is responsible for operating the complex with a strongly driven social objective. De Hallen wants to have an important neighborhood function and be a place for people with a distance to the labor market. The objective of the Seeyou@ art foundation ‘bringing together artists, the public and the neighborhood’, fits in nicely with the objective of De Hallen. I also support the view of Seeyou@art, that everyone has qualities and talents that can be (further) developed. That is why I became a member of the Seeyou@ art foundation. My job is to look after and monitor the business side, to connect people and to be a sounding board for the other directors. My personal mission is that I am against the “I” culture and want to support and promote the “WE” culture. Together you can come up with beautiful surprising ideas and solutions and that can build up great connections.

Jet Hessels: secretary
My goal is artistic and personal development and creating a connection with each other through art. I have a Bachelor of Fine Art and Design in Education from the Amsterdam School of the Arts. I actively participate in the Mocca art education program and give art workshops at various Amsterdam art institutions including MK 24 and international women’s groups in Amsterdam East. At Seeyou@art I monitor the objectives regarding the artistic development of the artists.


Maud Oonk: Exhibition design and layout
In 2015, I started the artist initiative “the orchid and the wasp” during the MFA. It is a platform for different makers to learn from each other’s working methods and to see a work not as “finished” but as an activating tool. In 2017, I completed the post-master Curatorial Studies and now I fully focus on exhibiting young makers and bringing different people together to mainly inspire each other. For Seeyou@art I devise and develop the exhibition design and I am involved in the design of the artworks.

Sascha Koekoek: Organisation
Since June 2018, I have been involved with Seeyou@art. I started as a coffee and tea volunteer and now I am responsible for planning and coordination of the exhibitions. I do this with great pleasure. Within the organization there is a lot of room for development and I am part of a varied team where everyone can use their own unique talent. Every exhibition is a challenge to put together a great program and when everything comes together and runs smoothly I am the happiest person on earth. In my spare time, I regularly have the brush or ladle in my own hands to unleash my creativity on canvas or in the kitchen. I also work in the airline business.

Maartje Kramer: social media and exhibition assistent
In the beginning of 2019 I came in contact with Seeyou@art via instagram. With a background in art and culture (educated in cultural heritage
at Reinwardt Academy) the organisation spoke to me. Now I write articles for social media and the exhibitions, and besides that I assist
Maud with the design of the exhibitions. The most exciting about Seeyou@art is that you get to know a diversity of artists. This inspires
me to write in a way that honors the artists and their work.


It’s important to us to connect with similar partners and sponsors to strengthen each other and we are always open to find new collaborations.