"Blues" door Lana van Lanigh. De kunstenaar heeft een portret geschilderd zonder zichtbare identiteit. Afgelopen jaar is het tentoongesteld tijdens Seeyouatart de Kleurrijke stad. Olieverf schilderij 80 x 100 cm

IDENTITIES 13 JUNE 2020 | 13.00 – 18.00
The painting “Blues” by Lana van Lanigh

IDENTITIES 13 JUNE 2020 | 13.00 – 18.00
The painting “Blues” by Lana van Lanigh


CHANGING CITY | 9 NOV 2019 | 13.00 – 18.00

12 Dutch and foreign artists showed their vision of living and working in Amsterdam and in their country of origin. The contradictions of gentrification were offered a stage through digital and analoque art, there was art with flat glass, digital- and painting art, sculptures and photos.

IDENTITY | 14 sept 2019 | 13.00 – 18.00

Artists from different countries showed their vision on ‘identity’.

EVENT ‘A Travel along Art’ – 8 JUN 2019

The artists at ‘A Travel along Art’ showed how they experienced the Netherlands en how their life here and in their home country influenced their art.

EVENT ‘DADA’ – 10 NOV 2018

Art and society: For the exhibition, artists and local residents were asked to set their standards that are important to them in today’s society.

EVENT ‘HEAR’ – 23 OKT 2018

The theme of “Hearing” gave the artists the opportunity to share with the audience what they experience while creating their work. The artists shared what sound means to them through their work. This can come from a memory, feeling or conversation.

EVENT ‘FEEL’ – 23 JUN 2018

Video by Frank van Doesburg.

An exhibition of visual art, body painting, textile art and art objects. Various art forms that can be seen, experienced and touched.


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