Gaining experience in an art and culture project on a famous spot

For whom?

  • Students or graduates
  • For people who need a new challenge in their career
  • People who want to re-enter the labor market
  • We offer places of experience in the following fields: Marketing and Communication (social media, collaborative relationships, promotion, website and writing texts), fundraising, supervising exhibitors, exhibition design and art mediation and other supporting tasks.

To create interaction with the audience, we ask the artists to come up with a concept around the theme and to present the art in a lively and appealing way. For example, you can show a part of the creative process or visually highlight another element to engage with the audience. You will present the concept during a workshop with fellow artists prior to the exhibition.

For artists
We are always looking for inspiring new collaborations with artists.

We are looking for artists with:

  • Talent in visual arts, photography and other disciplines.
  • Good ideas about interaction with the audience
  • Interested in meeting other artists and working together.

What we offer

  • An inspiring environment with fellow artists and a large and varied audience.
  • A beautiful location and hotspot of Amsterdam (De Hallen Amsterdam) that is very suitable for exhibiting art and promoting yourself.
  • The opportunity to develop personally and artistically.
  • An expert, supportive and inspiring team from Seeyou@art

Registration procedure
You will receive a response within two weeks based on your e-mail and work.
Selection criteria for the artworks

  • Controlling your techniques
  • Authenticity
  • Development (personal, artistic)
  • Being socially involved is an advantage

Preparatory exhibition
If you get an opportunity to exhibit then you will make a pre-selection of your work and we will make a final selection together. There are several creative contact moments to realize an inspiring exhibition.

If you are interested then you can send an email with photos of your work to:


It’s important to us to connect with similar partners and sponsors to strengthen each other and we are always open to find new collaborations.